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VIC 96 Returns to the River Medway

VIC 96 passes Kingsnorth Power Staion

VIC 96 passes Kingsnorth Power Staion

On Saturday 9th August VIC 96 returned to the River Medway after a journey around the coast starting in Cumbria last month and crossing Scotland via the Crinan Canal. The boat, a steam powered lighter, was built at the end of the Second World War and spent much of her working life in Chatham and Sheerness, she is now to be based at Chatham Maritime Marina.

Fearnought accompanies VIC 96

She was accompanied by the tug Fearnought

VIC 96

VIC 96 in Pinup Reach

VIC 96 under steam

VIC 96 heads upriver to Chatham

For more information about VIC 96 visit their website here there is also an interesting Google Map with notes of the voyage

Mark Bloomfield

Date Published 9th Aug 2009