Mediterranean Tales (cold water unavailable !!!!!)

GEE BEE JAY reaches Barcelona,

Grinning like a Cheshire cat a wagging my tail faster than Bob, I gently steer my way to my berth in the heart of Barcelona. Passing the huge cruise ships full of passengers from all over the globe ready disembark to sample the delights of this wonderful city. Already Bob has his nose in the air sniffing the heady mixture of food smells coming from the bars and restaurants surrounding the harbour. It seems that our arrival has coincided with yet another music festival and the sounds of musicians greet us at every street corner and open space we find.

Les and Bob are now in Barcelona

After a very pleasant day just chilling we then set out on day two to do some serious exploring and with camera in hand and Bob leading the way we are off on a 7 hour walk around the city taking in the sights. Street entertainers along the La Rambla ( pedestrian main street) keep us amused and fascinate Bob as the live statues suddenly move to make him jump and bark to everyones laughter. We finish our day with the long 173 metre climb up Mount Montjuic which overlooks the city and was the venue for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Bob takes a break

Cruising along this stretch of the Med has been very pleasant with long sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and gently shelving depths allowing for easy pilotage. With the absence of any nice rocky coves to tuck up of a night-time we are now using the marinas a lot more and with the scorching heat and zero cloud cover a nice cold shower would be most welcome but it’s impossible to find any cold water anywhere !!!!! Up till now most modern marinas have had all concrete walkways with metal water pipes running along the surface, consequently even after running the water for an embarrassingly long time it’s still warm. So as you can see, my complaints are few and life is treating us well.

Life is treating us well

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Best regards Les & Bob

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Date Published 10th Aug 2011