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Les and Bob get a Visit

Les and Bob with Neil and Sharon Walters
Les and Bob with Neil and Sharon Walters

Thought you would like to know that we have manage to meet up with Les and Bob in Spain.

We collected them both on Tuesday night from Alicante Marina and drove them to where we are staying just south of Alicante, where we had a nice meal and a drink with some other friends that live nearby. Bob made a great impression with everyone in the restaurant, although not with a large cockroach which he found outside and proceeded to play with for some time and provided excellent entertainment for all the diners. Bob now has his own fan club here on the Costa Blanca!

They both stayed overnight at our friends place and the next day we drove them back to Alicanti where Sharon and I decided to leave the car and sail down the coast on Gee Bee Jay with Les and Bob! had a fantastic sail along the coast and left them in Marina De Las Dunas in Guadamar. We are planning to meet up again before we leave to have a bite to eat and say our goodbyes.

There are some pictures of our time with Les and Bob here

Neil Walters

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Date Published 11th Sep 2011