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Club Trophies

Club trophies are an interesting source of information as to the history of the club. They seem to indicate the feeling and priorities of people at the time.

  • Pinnell Salver - presented for services to the club (non-sailing).
  • Ted Mallinson Memorial Cup - presented for services to the club (non-sailing).
  • Rose Bowl - presented for Seamanship.
  • Orinoco Shield - presented to the Idiot of the Year!
  • Panache Plate - this was presented to the club by Ken Waller to be awarded for Services to the Club. The trophy was named after "Panache" which was Ken's boat at the time, a Contessa 32.
  • Commodore's Plate - to be presented by the Commodore to whomsoever he or she wishes!
  • Victoria Bowl - Winner of the Ladies' race.
  • Impetus Cup - presented by David and Valerie Longstaffe. The trophy was named after their one-off boat called "Impetus". This raced extensively and did the Fastnet Race in ?
  • Fulmar Trophy - ?
  • Stangate Trophy - ?
  • Montgomery Chalice - ?
  • Red Sands Tower Trophy - ?
  • Thames Estuary Cup - ?
  • Dickens Cup - ?
  • Columbine Cup - ?
  • Commodore's Cup - presented to winner of annual dinghy race (presumably when dinghies had ceased to be the norm! - mjr.).
  • Gransden Trophy - presented to winner of the Freezer.
  • Charles Love Memorial Trophy - first Hoo boat in the Freezer.
  • Prudence Cup - more formally known as The Girl Prudence Cup, was presented to the club by John Mason (Commodore 1965-1967). The Girl Prudence was John Mason's converted MFV, now apparently down in the Med. The Prudence Cup was presented for a race commencing at Stangate Creek and proceeding back to Hoo via Blacktail Spit, East Redsand, Spaniard and Spile buoys. This is a fairly long and, at times, demanding course.
  • The Gunshot trophy - presented to the club by Mike (and Shirley?) Wadhams and named after his boat Gunshot. The trophy was to awarded to the winners of a race by a husband and wife team from Hoo to Queenborough, via a convenient turning mark by Grain. There was no restriction on use of spinnakers or any other equipment.
  • The Mason Trophy - presented to the club by John Mason to be awarded to best performance in a Toy dinghy. Graham Hemington won it four times and the trophy was then presented to him for his retention.
  • Montyzoomer trophy - presented to the club by Barry Francis for the fastest trip around the Montgomery wreck and back to Hoo each year.
  • Spailpin Fanac Trophy - presented to the club by Brian Nicholls. The trophy is named after his boat which used to be on the outside trot of the HNYC moorings and is now moored at MYC. The boat, and hence the trophy, is apparently named after an Irish imp or fairy. It was given for presententation to the best performing Hoo boat in the Medway Points series.
  • Boozer's Bowl - Presented to the winner of the Yard of Ale drinking competition.

Martin Richards

Date Published 27th Jun 2011