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Chica's Spring Cruise 2011

Chica's Spring Cruise

Chica, with Will Pretty and Bryan Wright left Ramsgate on the Bank Holiday Monday at 11:30 aiming for the Walton Backwaters. Maia with Tony and Mary Chamberlain had set off at 9.30 for the same destination.

Daybreak at Margate
Daybreak at Margate Roads

Wind was a light S so progress was slow till we set up the spinnaker. We had planned to go through Fulgars Gat. However due to the construction of the windfarm, the marking buoys had been removed and we detoured to go through Fishermans Gat.

The Naze Tower
The Naze Tower

Off the Naze we ran into a squall with a Northerly F5 and poor visibility so finally arrived at 23.00 in total darkness and anchored in Landamere Creek.

Landamere Creek
Landamere Creek at Evening

Tuesday we had a recovery day, Wednesday we visited Walton and Frinton YC over HT. Bryan went into Walton for supplies and then we had a meal at the YC. There is free mooring for 2hrs over the HT but you need to have a relatively shallow draught.

Walton and Frinton Yacht Club
Walton and Frinton Yacht Club

Thursday we set off back to Hoo, left LT -1.5 and arrived at Garrison point at HT. Stayed overnight in Sharfleet then back Friday Morning.

Wil Pretty

Date Published 6th Jun 2011