Roy Beaumont in the Ionian 2008

We are currently based in Levkas. We arrived there last summer from Portugal via the Caribbean. Our summer cruise was from Levkas through Cephalonia (Captain Corelli!) down to Kalamata and the Peloponnese, then back up to Paxos in the Ionian. Zamia is now on the hard at Cleopatra boatyard in Preveza. If anyone wants to know about cruising in that area let me know.

The pictures are as follows:

  • Koroni
  • Pylos harbour
  • Bay of Navironin looking west to entrance (scene of famous battle where Codrington sank the combined Egyptian and Turkish fleets!!)
  • Venetian fortress at Pylos
  • Entrance to Methoni
  • Turkish citadel at Methoni
  • Zamia at anchor
  • Harbour at Geroliminos
  • Fiskardo harbour in Kephalonia

Apart from the last I have selected the enjoyable places in the Peloponnese, much less crowded than the Ionian Islands which in August are overwhelmed by charter boats and flotillas. Hope you are inspired to visit the area. There is probably some chartering possible from Kalamata which does have package flights from the U.K.

Sorry for the inclusion of my own boat but it is a good photo!!

Roy Beaumont

Date Published 23rd Sep 2008