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Snowbound in Dunkirk

Three boats set sail from Gillingham for Dunkirk on Good Friday at about 3.30 a.m.

Not much wind so we motorsailed the majority of the way. Got a couple of hours good sailing as we moved up the French coast to Dunkirk.

We went straight across the 3 main banks which was fine in the settled weather.

We stayed for 2 nights at a cost of 7 euros per night for Snowbound.

The weather was glorious and we had a lovely time.

Returned to Ramsgate on the Sunday. It took about 6 hours and we managed to sail for about half of that. By the time we reached Ramsgate the wind had increased to about 20 mph from the NE.

The cost at Ramsgate was £22.50 per night for Snowbound.

The other two boats sailed home on Monday and we had planned to sail back to Gillingham on the Tuesday to drop someone off and maybe join the club at Burnham, but listening to the forcast I was worried we'd get stuck in Gillingham for days and I'd rather be stuck in Ramsgate.

I decided to let the 3rd member of the crew go home on the train and the remaining 2 of us stayed in Ramsgate.

We had a great time and despite some really heavy winds, the main front was sheltered and sunny. It was lovely!

The wind stayed strong and I thought I might have to leave Snowbound at Ramsgate, but there was a good weather window on Friday. We left at 4.00a.m. and were back in Gillingham by 11.00.

All in all a great trip.

Pete Everiss - Snowbound

Date Published 5th Jun 2011