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No Snow in my Back Garden

It was just before sunrise as my feet touched the cabin floor. Bob was already up and it appeared he had decided to sleep in the cockpit last night as his bed was untouched in the cabin. When the rear awning is fitted I never close the washboards so Bob has the freedom to sleep where he wishes. (except my bunk).

With not a breath of wind and not a cloud in the sky the day has got off to a good start. With a spring in our step we set off for the beach for our early walk . The local beach is adjacent to the marina and has fine white sand with no restrictions for dog walking in the winter. Behind the beach is a large well tended park and this morning the gardeners are busy grass cutting. I think to myself this must be the first time I have smelt the smell of freshly cut grass in the first week of February, it was great especially as it was not me having to do the cutting.

Bob then found a new playmate along the waters edge, it was a egret and despite Bob's best efforts to catch him the bird just repeatedly took off and landed a few yards away from him giving both bird and dog lots of exercise. The sea was flat calm and I had to pinch myself that this was mid winter as my flip flops left my trail in the sand. Now back on board and having finished breakfast I will resume my sail making whilst watching the day go by.

I hope this has brightened up your dull winter morning, but I may suspect you all hate me at this present moment whilst you are digging the car out of the snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now

Best regards from Les & Bob the dog

Date Published 8th Feb 2012