Higgs Bosun on the Medway

A hot sunny weekend on Aurai with one of our all time favourite crew ladies was a splendid start to a full week on board. The super enthusiastic Tamsin relaunched her HNYC sailing career after a lapse of a mere couple of years. Sailing enthusiasm damped by study commitments, but with new letters after her name Tamsin needed a sailing fix!

That cheered up several of our crew and only Bryan missed out as he was Norfolk and good. I think he will get his chance and T can try his catering again.

On the Monday my sister entrusted her two boys to Aurai and then she went off for a well earned holiday by road to N France. Michael and Jonathon 19/18 had RYA 2 for dinghy sailing but cruising yachts was to be all new.

First night was a bit more noisy than expected when a startled Dave from Benfleet dragged his anchor in Stangate and crashed into Aurai at 0230hrs. Ladies you missed 4 blokes running around on deck in their underpants! Tide was far too strong to sort it and we set alarms for low water when all was corrected.

Generally, the rest was tame sailing up and down the Medway in light winds and sunny days, all to produce a well oiled race crew for the Redsands Towers race. Tamsin came back, Neil came out to play on Thursday and Graham Pugh joined us for the weekend.

Our race performance was pretty dire, so much for well oiled, our perfectly timed run to the start line was ten seconds early as tide picked us up faster than I thought it would and no brakes on Aurai. It took us 5 minutes to rectify, no worries it's a long race, hah!

Well we trailed nearly everyone to Garrison Point, could be time to get a spinnaker as that seemed to be only way to move in light airs. Nearly got washed up on the Sheerness Beach and anchored until the wind got up again. Only it did not, so motored into QB and got some fresh fish, then anchored in Stangate. On the beers long before anyone else and it seems we still got a place!

Rafting up with Chica and Woodstock Hi for a while plus Ali Baba and one other we had a lovely time. Just what summer is about and a final chance to conduct Higgs B experiments with my nephews.

Cheers Chas

Date Published 1st Aug 2012