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Sailing North - Mark Evans

Cruising North



For the past 3 years I had thought of sailing around the UK, but could see no way to achieve this while earning a living and being a Dad. During the autumn of 2016 I looked at my options as I wanted to do something different and more challenging than I was used to. I wasn’t prepared to hand my notice in at work and in any case I didn’t want to be away from home for several months, so broke a round trip of the UK into eight x 10-day legs, or thereabouts, reckoning on an average of 25 miles per day, including rest days and time off for bad weather. This made each leg 250 miles, 2000 in total around mainland UK. I didn’t make any allowance for night sailing as I expected to do most of the journey solo and wanted to do my best to comply with insurance restrictions, but also truthfully I wasn’t sure I would have the confidence to take 10 minute catnaps, dodge lobster pots and remain lucid. With this loose plan in mind I thought I could tackle a sail around the UK over a few years. My manager very kindly agreed to me having 2 weeks holiday in May, 2 weeks in July and a week in September, this was very generous and I was very grateful.

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Date Published 24th Jun 2018