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Club Boats For Sale

There are currently 6 members boats for sale.

Picture/View Name Model Description Price Laying Status
Snarky Westerly Tempest Westerly Tempest ?27500 Fin keel, Volvo 2002. Laz... £27500 HNYC For Sale
Carol Ellen Westerly Griffon £9000 Hoo Ness Yacht Club Sold
Lady Liz Macwester Rowan Crown 1981 Draft 3ft 3in. Displacement 5340lbs. GRP hull an... £5000 Ashore at Hooness Yacht Club Sold
Palomine Hunter Horizon 23 £4500 Chatham Marina berth C12 Sold
Prikalthum Dufour Arpege £4500 Hnyc For Sale
TarkaToo Manta 19 Not great condition, needs some work and paint. An... £1000 HNYC Sold

This is a free service offered to members only. If you are a member and have a boat for sale please list your boat via the members section.

Disclaimer: Boats listed here are being advertised by the individual seller as a private sale. Hoo Ness Yacht club are not acting as Broker.