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Website Registration FAQ

Background/ What's changing..?

Currently to access the members section of the website we have a generic password which has been in place for a number of years. Therefore we have the potential problem that even non members could be accessing the members section of the website. This also means that we are unable to do anything on the members section which we want to be private (i.e sharing members contact details etc). Therefore we are removing this generic password and introducing individual logins which are linked to your membership with the club. This will allow us to provide lots of new features which will benefit and improve your membership.

We have compiled a few "Frequently asked questions" below, although if you any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.

Register Here...

"What do I need?"

You need to a be a current member of the club so you will need to know your membership number and you will need a current email address.

"You already have my details, Why are you asking for them again?"

We are asking you to register to access the membership section of the website. The club does have your details however these are stored on a separate database system which the website can not integrate with.

"When is this happening?"

This will be released in stages, for now we are asking you to register your details, in the new year you will be contacted again and asked to login using these details.

"I don't know my membership number"

Please contact the membership secretary to obtain your membership number

"I don't have an email address, What do I do?"

You will need a valid working email to register and use the membership section, if you don't an email address, don't worry it's really easy to get one.. You can get a free one from internet companies like google (, microsoft ( or from your internet provider. As a last result we can provide you with a hooness email address (Please contact our webmaster to request this).

"Will you sell or pass my data to other companies?"

No,we promise you as a club we have no intention to sell or pass on members data.

"Will my data be secure online?"

Yes your data will be stored in a secure database on a server, parts of the data will even encrypted with the same technology which your bank uses, meaning that no one can view your data not even the webmaster. Although you must keep your login details private just like your PIN number on your debit card.

"Will my data be held according to Data protection laws?"

Yes of course although the website is not the membership database so the only records kept is very basic records which you have entered. All records though will be held in full accordance to any laws.

"I have an email address but I don't want to give it to you"

If this is the case please contact me to discuss why. You will need an email address to access the members section of the website so perhaps you may wish to create a new email address just for the website.

"Will you send me junk emails?"

The website will send you a number of emails, largely notifications although there will be a degree of customisation so you can pick and chose which type of email you receive. We will also add your email address to the membership database if we don't have one which may result in you receiving some generic membership emails.

"I'm not very good with computers, will I get lost in all this technology?"

You shouldn't see any differences than the current website layout and any hopefully any new changes are easy to follow. Although if you need any help at all please just ask.

"Why can't I just use another members login?"

No please don't do this, new features will automatically complete some details based on your logins which may add confusion. Please only login using your own account. Do not share your login with other members.

"We have a family membership, does my partner need to register?"

For the moment, please ensure that you have one registration per membership. Although partners can still register and have an individual account if they wish.

"When do I need to register by?"

As soon as possible please!

"How do I register?"

Please visit the website and click the "register" link or click: here. Simply complete the brief form and click "Register".. The website will send you an email asking to you "confirm your email address" which you need to open, then simply click on the website link to complete your registration. That's all! We will email you again once we activate the login process!

Register Here...

"How do I login?"

For now please login as normal using the generic login. Once we activate the new login process (Likely to be in the new year) you will see a login process where you will need to enter your email address and password.

If you have any further questions or queries please contact the webmaster or the commodore.