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Club Rallies, Cruises, Races and Social Events

Ramsgate 2014
Annual 2014 Ramsgate Rally.

Brightlingsea 2013
Charles Hessey reports on another successful trip to Brightlingsea

Re-building the Scrubbing Dock
Martin Richards brings his article about the Scrubbing Dock up to date and has supplied some interesting supporting photographs

Touchstone Raft-up 22/23 June 2013
A social event on the water - what better way to bring together the two aspects of club life that we enjoy!

May Day Bank Holiday Cruise to Benfleet 2013
Bryan Wright's report on the other rally destination, Benfleet.

May Day Bank Holiday Cruise to Ramsgate 2013
Charles Hessey reports on the 2013 May Bank Holiday Cruise

Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Hoo Ness Yacht Club
Many of you will have seen the frame in the club house with pictures of this event. Here are Martin Richards' words and all of my photographs from the day.

2012 Laying Up Supper and Racing Results
Who won what in 2012

Autumn Series 2012 Pursuit Races 2 and 3
Martin Richards reports on this year's Autumn Series Pursuit Races.

Brightlingsea Rally 2012
Weather and More weather 2012 style!! Report and photographs from the 2012 Brightlingsea Rally

Redsands Tower Race 28th July 2012
Wil Pretty reports on the 2012 Red Sands Race

Curry Night Sequel
Charles Hessey adds an addition to his earlier report on Rafting up in Stangate Creek

Solstice Cruise
With weather not quite as originally advertised, Charles Hessey reports on Rafting Up in Stangate Creek

Fair Winds
Charles Hessey reports on the 2012 Ramsgate rally

Benfleet Yacht Club Visit

Montyzoomer 2012
Charles Hessey reports on a successful day of racing

Burnham 2012 - A Game of Three Halves!
Charles Hessey reports on the 2012 Burnham Rally, not an easy one to organise. Those that went were rewarded with an excellent dinner at the RBYC and a great sail back to the Medway

Towards Limehouse Basin - Easter 2012
Charles Hessey reports on the first of this year's Club rallies to Limehouse Basin

41st Hoo Freezer - Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th March 2012
Read Roy Winnett's Report on the 2012 Hoo Freezer

Hoo Freezer - Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th February 2011
Hoo Freezer 2011 reports and results

Tollesbury Rally August 2011
Martin Richards' report on the club's rally to Tollesbury in August 2011

Medway River Cruise 16th & 17th July 2011
Read Tony Lavelle's report on the Medway River cruise to Allington Lock, 10 miles upstream from Rochester

Multihull Weekend 2011
Read Wil Pretty's report on the 2011 Multihull Weekend

Ramsgate Rally Report 2011
Martin Richards updates us with a report on another very successful Rally to Ramsgate

Multihull Race 2010
Wil Pretty's report on the Multihulls Race and with some great pictures

Multihulls Weekend 2010
The weather was fine with a gentle force 2 from the East, a great weekend for the 2010 Multihull Races.

Queenborough All Tide Landing Press Release
Eddie Johnson Rear Commodore of Queenborough Yacht Club makes an announcement on the future of the ATL

Ramsgate Rally Report 2010
Tony Lavelle's report of the 2010 Ramsgate Rally, readers beware - this report contains images of a distressing nature!

Hoo Freezer Sunday 28 February 2010
Freezer 2010 results

Peter Jacob
Some pictures of Peter Jacob

Brightlingsea Rally 2009
Brightlingsea Rally 2009 Neil Walter's & Charles Hessey's reports

Burnham Rally May 2009
Tony Lavelle's Report from the 2009 Burnham Rally

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