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Free Wifi - Terms and Conditions

How to Connect

Free wifi is available in the clubhouse and in the close vicinity of the clubhouse. The service is provided free of charge to anyone using the clubhouse.

The service should be compatible with any device with a wifi connection, which includes, Smart mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops etc).

To connect, simply connect to the "Hoo Ness Yacht Club Free Wifi" wireless internet connection from your device.

Next open an internet browser, you will be automatically directed to the HNYC connection page. Click the "Connect to our WiFi network using our form", complete the form as required and click "Connect".

You will now be connected to the Hoo Ness Yacht Club Free Wifi.

Buy using this service you agree to the terms and conditions.

If you need any assistance please contact the webmaster.